Living with Leviathan


Written, Edited and Directed by: Şirin Bahar Demirel

Narrator: Tuğçe Kanbur

Original Score: Tolga Gürpınar

Sound Recording: Mehmet Eren Bozbaş

Archival Video Courtesy of: Serkan Ocak (Radikal), Fatih Pınar, Özcan Yaman (Hayat TV), DHA, Vice Media Inc. and all the anonymous contributors who generously share their footage online

Consultant: Bingöl Elmas

English Proofreading: Caroline Altenbernd

German Translation: Tobias Frenzel, Zeynep Dülger



After graduating from the cinema department at Galatasaray University, Istanbul, Şirin Bahar Demirel finished her MA in Artistic Direction of Cultural Projects at Université Paul Valéry, France. Within Asmin Film Production, she has worked as assistant director & assistant producer and set photographer in feature documentaries 'My Letter to Pippa' and 'Playing House'. She's also done english translations of 'A Handful of Land', a 13 episodes documentary series and she was responsible of the festival distribution for another feature documentary 'TransAsya'.

She continues to work on her photography, video and street art projects in Florida, USA.



2013 Living with Leviathan (12min, Documentary)

2012 All My Eyes (4min, Documentary-Experimental)

2010 Listen to the Wall (12min, Documentary) & Listen to the Street (13min, Documentary) - School Projects


Group Exhibitions

2014   Selfportrait.extended International Exhibition of Photography, Turku, Finland 

2014   Transmediale Arts&Digital Culture Exhibition, Berlin, Germany

2013   Forever Incomplete, Kunst Hier und Jetzt, Braunschweig, Germany

2013   Open Space Exhibition, Mixer Arts, Istanbul, Turkey

2012   Street Art Festival, Istanbul, Turkey

2012   Health Art Mobilizes Goslar Exhibition, Goslarer Museum, Germany 

2008   “Istanbul Ville Monde” Exhibition

            May-June: French Cultural Institute, Istanbul,Turkey

            September – October: Centre Culturel d'Anatolie, Paris, France


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