Living with Leviathan

Movie Quotes

...Then, the first canister of tear gas exploded and everything was illuminated. We were the children of the “father” state who, somehow, has never loved us. But our intention was good, if he knew us, he would like us. But he chose the exact opposite way and beautifully strange things happened...Mobile-addicted young people organized thousands of protesters with these phones, adolescents who spend their lives in front of the computer playing war games went out the streets to build barricades, mothers stuck in kitchens grabbed their pots and pans for making noise and said that they’re out here too. All of that had been done impulsively.

It's unbelievable how you created a huge rage against you out of a bunch of peaceful protesters. We were just trying to save a park that you want to turn into a shopping mall. You tried to demolish a public place in a city. Now, the whole country became a giant public space. Great success.

The threshold of fear is crossed: Because we’re the youngsters in our 20s, writing our blood types on our arms before going out on the streets, and telling our moms and dads that everything is fine.


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