Purpose, Approach

TransAsia train which makes regular trips between the two countries have long-established historical heritage. Due to the coup d’états and change of regimes, these very countries’ ebb and floods never cease. They wander on the thin line between amity and animosity with each other, and the train which forms the focus of the film, voyages between these two eastern countries that western countries try to apprehend. 
One of the two is Iran. Iran is under the constant threat of observation and use of military power due to the claim that it “produces nuclear arms”. The horror scenarios are constantly being created concerning Iran. On the other hand, Turkey is the other country defined as a “geopolitical” country. Every single issue related to Turkey is being discussed before the world. Along all these facts, are the folks of the two countries alienated to one another despite their common values, common past and long border vicinity. The film aims to relate the “minor” but essential stories of the TransAsia passengers both within this atmosphere and within the web of these political discourses. The film attaches importance to highlight the passengers’ share of the big picture of the world’s current situation. 
The film also aims to display how a life is constructed as a Turkish or an Iranian: how life is rendered meaningful, what are the things that are laughed at, how fun occurs, and the common words in the tongues and common melodies. The film also deals with the issue of refugees that came from Iran to Turkey. The film focuses more on the real, minor details of life. And it asks questions as to what’s going on, rather than being stuck with manipulated agendas.


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