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Jamshid G.
It’s very beautiful. He says, “Everyone’s face is like moon because everyone has a dark side”. Do you understand? ‘Our faces shine’ ‘Why does it shine,  because there is darkness. And we do not want to see our dark side.’
Aydın R.
- Turks do not consider going Iran much. I do not know many of my friends are curious but their families are scared and they do not let them go. Besides this, Turks do not know much about Iran. They do not know Iran’s nature. They think we live in a desert.
- The thing that annoys me most is you go to hotels and the reception says “Here again Arabs”. And I say “No they are not Arabs. They are Persians. Iranians are not Arabs but they are Persians.” They say “All is same”.And I say “OK, then you are also an Arab”. 
Turan S
They do not have any knowledge. They even do not know that we are geographically neighbours. They only know that Ahmedi Nejad is the president of Republic.In Turkish there are many Persian words. We have many common words.
For instance “dost, meyman, düşman”. There are many Persian words.Tereddüt... We have many poets and philosophers. İbni Sina, Razi they are Iranian. There are quadrants of Hafız, I can read these for you. Can you pass me that bag?
Ferhad Song
Oh my school mate
We are both passengers
of the same road
Teacher’s stick on our head
You are the knot in my neck,
You are my dear
Our names were carved
to the black board.
Shrapnel filled with silence and complaint is still in our body.
Those who claim that they are wise and cultured are in fact like
couch-grass in desert.
Both good and bad
everyone’s heart had died.
Our hands should tear curtains
Who could find a cure to our
problem apart from us?
Oh my dear school mate.
Tom R.
-As you see, the woman in Europe, are they free?
-No, I don’t think so. No the people I live with. But to me, I don’t know how will it translate, but they are free to do what everybody else wants them to do. Does that make sense?
-What’s the meaning of freedom for you?
-For me?
-For me, freedom is not being so much about freedom from the law
Mina R.
No! That is not freedom, we do not mean that. Let humans’ minds be at peace, let them choose what they want let them go to a certain limit and differentiate between good and bad.
When you oblige someone to do something, she would not accept this. In Iran when they catch a girl in an improper circumstance, they would whip her. Why would a girl 17-18 years old, my age got whipped, why would it be that way?
Iran can give a better image. Let there be a headscarf,  but also let a woman say that  she does not want black chador.
Let them not say “put on your  black chador so you seem religious”   
Deniss E.
-In persian how many words exist for love?
-For love ? Three or more
Because in french there is only one and in greek there are two, maybe three.
Persia is one of the oldiest countries of the world.
Jamshid G.
Honer (art) is a Persian word. It generated from “Hüveniru” “Hüve” means good.
“Niyru” means power, namely art is good power, and so that word is completed.


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