Playing House

Purpose, Approach

Director Note

It doesn’t matter if we’re in country or city, when we look around we see lots of parents who were married in a very early age.
A friend, a neighbor or even ourselves may be a child of a little bride. This situation seems to belong to the past in big cities, but it still continues extensively in the country. Still girls and boys only at playing or school age are being married off due to “beşik kertmesi” tradition, marriages between relatives, and sense of decency. Besides they become parents while they’re still living their childhood. 

And the tragic results of these childhood marriages are beyond our estimations.

In Erzurum, the city where I was born, girls were married of as soon as they grow up a little. When I look around I see that my mother, my elder sisters, my relatives, neighbors, mothers of my friends, nearly all of them were married in their childhood.

I grew up with my aunt who got married in a very early age and never stop missing her family. Since I was a small kid I’ve been a witness to the life of my cousin Imam who’ll also take part in the film. His experiences, his relationship with his children, how he felt when his children were calling him “brother” and their grandfather “papa”… These are all a part of my life, too. As a daughter of a little bride I need to tell this tragic situation and make people become aware of it. I have many questions to ask...

This film will try to find a way of communication and empathy between parents who gave way to little brides and grooms and their children. When doing this I do not intend to judge people or find the guilty. I'll just try to understand the situation with all the causes and results.

As a witness to this tragedy I aim to expose the traumas of children due to these marriages, and derive the community and especially the parents to think about their decisions and change. 


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