Movie Quotes

İbrahim Er (CicadAnt)
If there isn’t a harmonic structure in my life, I can’t do all these.
Harmony is cohesion, the principle. There’s no harmony in dissonance.

How can a registrar serve tea, a civil servant work at a Turkish bath? People perceive it like this. It is perfectly acceptable, normal for me. What matters is doing your job well. Being a clerk isn’t about neckties. I don’t have a  psychological problem like this. For example, I did an excellent job at the bath, I massaged someone. Two nights later, I wed him. They are all jobs for me.
… One lives for his ideals…

Onur Er (Son)
Who would listen to İbrahim Er if he were to enter the music market today? They don’t know him. Will they listen to him when there’s Timur Selçuk?

Tahsin Talaş (Turkish Bath  Owner, Friend)
The salary’s not enough, we add up from the bath, send him to the lesson.

Timur Selçuk (Musicians, Piano Teacher)
Our İbo is like our lucky charm, our blue bead to avert the evil eye. - Well, he started Before
Christ. Says 20 years. I didn’t realize that.

Tahsin Talaş (Turkish Bath  Owner, Friend)
These are different. I see musical art  as a hobby of developed countries.
Suppose being penniless. I’ll take my guitar, play thinking next payment.
İbrahim Er (CicadAnt)
If you do nonetheless?
Tahsin Talaş (Turkish Bath  Owner, Friend)
God, would it make a good sound when thinking of your debtors. It is  are Inevitably out of tune.

İbrahim Er (CicadAnt)
What’s the world population? 7 billion. 6,5 of these people must be already out of tune.I too am trying  to tune my life in this system.



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