!f 2010 Showcases New Generation Turkish Documentary Filmmakers

Three of Turkey’s most exciting documentary directorswill premiere their latest films during!f istanbul 2010. The films shed light on pressing contemporary issues, from the tragic death of an Italian peace activist, to overdevelopment threatening the verdant Black Sea coast and the culture of a popular TV reality show.

Italian activist Pippa Bacca set out to hitchhike from Milan to Israel in a white wedding dress to raise awareness for global peace. Her journey was cut tragically short in Gebze, western Turkey, when she was brutally murdered. Director Bingöl Elmas dons a black wedding dress and takes up the journey where Pippa’s ended. Hitchhiking alone in trucks and minibuses across Turkey, she tries to make sense of why Pippa died. The resulting film “My Letter to Pippa” is a fascinating portrait of beliefs about men and women across a diverse region.

13.02.2010 17:30
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15.02.2010 15:30
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