A Handful of Land - Documentary Series -13 Episodes

About Film

The story of those who question our compulsion of big cities and say ‘it is possible to live in a different way’. Some only dreams others chase their dreams. In this 13-episode documentary series, ‘A handful of Soil’, we witness the ones who chase their dreams and make peace with the nature.

Turkey / 2012 / 26‘ X 13 / HD / Turkish – English, German, Russian Subtitle

We were separated from the land, we were packed in the houses one under another. Mother Irazca’s words ‘I will not let another house be built in front of mine’ stood like Don Quixote’s ghost. We are next to each other but just those foreigners. In our technological and single cells we adopted ‘additive-containing’ and ‘durable’ lives far away from the nature. We are chaotic, stresses, impatient, pale and complaining all the time. We always talk about ‘getting a handful of land and leaving this city’. A small holiday town which was a dream for retirement turned into what everyone from all ages want. People have taken off after different lives. There have been some people who left all their routine in the city at once and settle in the villages, to the mountains. Among them were the city runaways, the ones tired of the city and adventurers, too. Yet, our film tells the story of the ones asking ‘what is it we pay off’, ‘it is possible to live in a different way’ and went back to the land.


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