Pastoral Valley

About Film

Ahmet Kizen is one of the first to turn to rural living and maybe the one who knows this field the best. He is the one knowing the problems of ecological premises and the obstructions. He has some works what kind of problems those trials lead to and how to solve them. 900 saplings he planted have grown up and produced fruits.

Ahmet Kizen is among the first ones who started ecological tourism in Turkey. Guests are hosted in Pastoral Valley in all 12 months. They eat organic and ecologically grown food from the garden. If they want, they can stay there in return for work in the garden or help the farming. Or, they can just have a holiday in nature. Meanwhile, in rural life, they can meet the nature and they can develop their handcraft in local culture workshops. ‘Natural life style design, tomato paste – tarhana (sundried food made of tomato, yoghurt and flour) – noodle – jam – pickle making, pottery, wood carving, and wattling are the courses offered in the ranch.

In this episode, we are describing the ‘side effects’ of ecological life from Ahmet Kizen’s experiences.


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