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Toprak used to be a food stylist in the city and her husband was a ballet. After they got married, they said ‘we want to live in the mountains’ and bought some land just enough for themselves in Toros Mountains. In a short time, the number of their goats reached to 300. Neither of them had any idea or experience about those kind of things. They finished the construction of their house with the help of their neighbors in the village. They lived in their house for seven years and named their child ‘Renk’. Living in the nature and, in addition to that, animal breeding were too hard on them and their relationship. Their story ended in going back to the city life. However, it wasn’t a moving back to the big city. Toprak moved to Edremit, a town in the skirts of Kaz Mountains. Her dream is to do farming with permaculture method in her newly-bought olive grove. She says ‘I miss my house in the mountains and I will definitely go back one day.’

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