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Güneşin is after the knowledge of the old. She is trying to revive our values even the villagers gave up and forgot. At the same time, she is trying to share ecological life. They organize ‘Life in Nature Workshops’ for the people coming from the city in the earthen-roofed Ecological Life Center they have built.

Güneşin lives both the city and the country life together in the village. Of course there is a never ending work cycle in the village like olives, wood or harvest. In addition to all these, she has been carrying out the activities of the Wheat Association. While conducting the ‘Saving the Nature and Biological Diversity Act’ works, she is reading the laws and legislations and doing research as an environmentalist. At the same time she is trying to make up to her neighbor Aunt Hatice whom she has neglected. When she goes to the door, she becomes a villager but when she is on the computer, she turns to the urban life. With this documentary, we witness Güneşin’s and her friends’ dual lives.

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