Hey Neighbour!

About Film

Türkiye - Turkey, 54’, HD,

2014, Türkçe - Turkish, İngilizce Altyazılı - English Subtitle

The relationship between an old single-floor house and her neighbour residence.

A monster called urban transformation has occured in Turkey for the last few years. Haunting the neigbourhoods, this monster destroys whatever is left from the history, erects glass towers everywhere and swallows a few trees left. While this monster is at work, the old and the new, and the rich and the the poor start to become neighbours. A huge residence which towers in Feriköy district, in the heart of İstanbul, and Paşa neighbourhood, an old settlement which tries to breath in its shadow...

Our film is about the relationship between a shanty and an apartment building as neighbours in this neighbourhood. A pink house tells the story to us. The pink house grumbles about her new neighbour, whom she named "Cumbersome" all the time. She is not happy with the rapid changes around. In the story, there is the pink house and her ex-residents on one side, and the new neighbours on the other side. We witness their feelings and views about each other, and their dreams about the city, of course together with the scenery from their windows.


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